Jenifer Toksvig

The Larder @ The Old Nuns Head

Come and make your heart work...

3rd-5th Oct 2016, midday to midnight

Do you have a creative project that you have yet to fully realise? Is it something close to your heart? Would you like to more fully realise it?

I’m opening a space to which you can bring work that doesn’t have to answer the question, "What kind of work might so-and-so producer want?" but rather, the question, "What work is in my heart, beats with my pulse, emerges through my impulses?"

It might be a germ of an idea you want to explore, or a thing you love to do that you’d like to develop a show around, or you might have no clue at all, but want to start something new on impulse that will be heart-nourishing in some way.

Whatever it is, it will be something that isn’t specifically designed to fit the definition of someone else’s opportunity, but rather, something that emerges naturally from you.

There is no money involved, so to you, this might be an unpaid invitation to make work that you consider worthwhile because it’s work you struggle to make elsewhere right now, or it might be a free invitation to have some support, or both, or something else.

I chose 'Heart Work' because I always seem to end up making things that get commissioned by people or possibility, and never quite get to realise my own Heart in it. So I thought we could maybe do with something that works the other way around: let's realise the Heart Work first, and then see how that feeds into whatever opportunities are around.

It's also my response to websites that say, "Here is our policy: tell us how your work fits into that and we might let you in". This is me saying, "Tell me what your policy is for Work Made By Heart, and then let's think about where it might fit."

Our only policy within which you must work is the same as for Tiny Shows: by default, everything you bring and make remains yours, and if other people make you offers around it, you are free to choose to include or not include those offers, which will then become a part of your work (and you’re free to make offers to others, who are free to choose to include, etc.) If you find yourself in something that feels like it might be more of a collaboration than that, you could make an informal agreement for the length of this process, and then a more formal one afterwards if you like.

It should be said that you don’t have to make anything. You might want to come along and support other people in making their things, or use the free wifi / power sockets, nurse a coffee and get through that first draft. Or you might just want to spend an evening having a few pints with some lovely people. What you get out of this is up to you: just follow your impulses, and hopefully we'll have a pub full of creatives being, you know, creative for three days.

Three days to make your Heart Work.

What do we get out of it? Well, the pub might get your money, but the landlord was very keen to stress that this is not about making money for them: you can come and nurse one coffee all day long while you write, and you will be more than welcome. (And if you like, I'll buy you that coffee.)

The Larder gets no ongoing interest in your work at all. It will benefit from your participation by continuing to exist - which it literally wouldn’t do without some people being in it - and I will benefit from that because it means I get to say yes to some people, and hopefully get some funding to do more of the same in the venue.


The bar downstairs is accessible, and has an accessible loo. The garden is also accessible, I believe, through the side gate. Upstairs is access by staircase only, I’m afraid, but sessions can be called in the bar as much as upstairs, defined by how busy they are etc. Please let me know about other access needs you have, whatever they may be, so I can do my best to accommodate you. Children, babies and DOGS are welcome!