Jenifer Toksvig

Facebook Group Guidelines

When posting invitaions (aka "opportunities") please use this template:
Why, Money, What, Who, Where, When, How

1. WHY check this out? (brief summary, eg: “Performer, London, improv, corporate, paid”)

2. MONEY involved? One or more of these:

a) Cost (plus info about conc rates and all efforts to make as financially accessible as possible)

b) Paid (and against which industry rate, or awareness that less than industry rates, must be more than NMW / London Living Wage)

c) Expenses covered (plus details, eg: in which area travel is paid)

d) "Unpaid, because..." (looking for transparency and due respect, must meet legal govt requirements for Volunteers)

NB: competitions cost folks unpaid time and effort to prepare submissions, and are therefore considered unpaid work. If there is a submission cost, please note both the cost, and that this is unpaid work: "Submission cost £20 and unpaid, because chance of winning XYZ..."

3. WHAT is it? (eg: job, volunteer, workshop, conference, competition, search for collaborator)

4. WHO is it aimed at? (craft, eg: writer, and any targeted groups, eg: LGBTQ+)

5. WHERE is it happening? (we are global, please include town, area, country)

6. WHEN is it? (dates of event plus any deadlines)

7. HOW to find out more and respond? (ie: links and contacts)

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