Jenifer Toksvig

The Larder

Take another nibble...

The Larder is a support and information hub for creative folk, with a bias towards theatre (and musicals). It is facilitated by Jenifer Toksvig.

The Larder is about organising events, facilitating connections between industry professionals, and advocating for musical theatre writing in particular.

Previous events include:
The Larder @ The Old Nuns Head
The Larder @ Soho Theatre
Tiny Shows

The Larder is also an awesome tribe of theatre makers who hang out in a Facebook group.

You're welcome to get in touch with us, especially if you have questions about any aspect of the craft, process or business of writing musicals. We also organise cold readings of scripts with actors, especially on early drafts.

You can hook up with us all over the place online, mainly under the nick 'Another Nibble'.

How To Connect With Us

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The Larder's Affiliations

The Larder is connected to, and supports, other tribes of theatre makers and professional organisations, including:

Women Who Write Musicals

Jenifer also facilitates a tribe of Women Who Write Musicals which mainly exists as a Facebook group.

To join

Check out the link above for more info. The criteria are pretty simple: if you identify as a woman in some way, and you do something that you call writing, and you feel that a thing you have written could be called a musical, then you qualify to join!

The Gathering

The Gathering is a Facebook-grouped tribe of theatre companies, producers, space holders whose shared truths could be described thus:
- we make something that we could call theatre, and it is a live thing
- we are not constrained by anything static (even if we do reside in a building)
- we are within the community
- we identify and/or hold space
- we gather: people, stories, resources

To join

If this feels like it fits your work, get in touch with Jenifer by email or on Twitter: you're more than welcome to join.