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The Larder

The Larder is an informal gathering of folk from UK theatre, and from other creative industries, and from elsewhere in the world. We gather in many different ways, for mutual support and shared resources.

Jenifer Toksvig facilitates The Larder, sometimes in partnership with individuals or organisations. We are predominantly a tribe of UK theatre-makers, and most resourceful in that area (especially musical, devised, verbatim, transmedia, and gaming hybrids).

We also welcome those who work in any other creative industry, anywhere in the world. We have members who work in film, TV, radio, literature, visual arts, photography, handcrafts and more. The Larder often opens space that welcomes and facilitates inter-discipline collaboration.

As a gathering of folk, we encourage and will do our best to support anyone who is motivated to advocate for their own creative industry along the Larder's collective ethical practice intentions.


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Tiny Shows is a regular Larder event. It's generally a weekend of scratch theatre making, using open space technology. Tiny Shows is a safe space in which to do some creative risk-taking. It allows participants to go through the full arc of theatre-making from writing to performance, and was designed to counter all the rejection we experience by being as open-access as possible. The weekend is also about having the chance to meet a new tribe of makers, and try out some new collaborations. More info here.



We hold social, creative, and industry events, often using open space technology.

Previous events include:
@ The Albany: The Future of The Larder (report here)
@ Omnibus Theatre: LGBTQ+ Tiny Shows (archive on Tiny Shows Instagram here)
@ The Old Nuns Head: a safe space for exploring new projects, with dramaturgy provided (archive here)
@ Soho Theatre: an industry open space on Musical Theatre Writing (archive here)
@ So And So Arts: Musical Theatre Tiny Shows (archive here)


Interconnected Gatherings

The Larder is part of some interconnected gatherings of theatre makers and professional organisations facilitated by Jen, including:


Non-Binary, Gender Non-Conforming, and Female People Who Write Musicals

For those who can self-identify under that description and have written (or are writing) at least one musical. This is a truly global gathering.


The Gathering

For those who make what they could call community-embedded theatre, in the UK and beyond.


UK LGBTQ+ Theatre Makers

For those in the UK who self-identify under this umbrella. Please note that this is a closed group, and although non-members cannot see what is posted in it, they can see the membership list, and your FB friends will see that you are a member of this group.

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