Jenifer Toksvig

In October 2014, critic and musical theatre fan Mark Shenton wrote a blog post for The Stage called "Why is there such a paucity of female writers in musical theatre?"

Victoria Saxton contacted her female writer friends to suggest we put on an evening of writing by women and, spurred on by these things, I opened up a Facebook group. Partly to enable us to support each other as a community, but also out of curiosity, to see how many we might be.

Within a few days we were up to several hundred, and it keeps on rising. We welcome people who self-identify as non-binary, gender non-conforming, AFAB, and female. There are currently over seven hundred of us.

We are words people and music people. We're from all over the world: UK, America, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand and more. Some of us are just writing our first shows, and some of us have shows currently on Broadway and in the West End. Some of us make traditional book musical theatre, and some of us make immersive interactive musicals. We write for stage and also screen, and some of us also write novels, poetry, and many other things. As well as being writers, we are also performers, directors, producers: I think nearly every other role in the creative arts is probably represented in the group somewhere.

Access to the group

We encourage all people who self-identify under the title to join the group, no matter where you are in the world. If you actively write musicals, whether you're just writing your first one or you've been writing them for years, we are the group for you, and you are the writer for us.

You're welcome to join no matter what you call yourself: bookwriter, composer, lyricist, songwriter, librettist, theatre-maker, playwright, poet, sound designer - we don't care, as long as you write musicals using either words, or music, or both.

You can click here to request access to the group, where you'll be asked to confirm that you do meet the three basic criteria.

Don't meet the criteria but still want to connect?

You are welcome to join the mailing list, though we use it very infrequently. You can do that by checking the relevant option here:

This is a community of specific folx who write musicals, rather than a support network for musical theatre writing. So if you're anything else - a director, producer, or other theatre-maker, or you represent a support or other related organisation, we would love it if you'd hook up with us in the support group for musical theatre writing that is open to the whole musical theatre community, which is The Larder.