Jenifer Toksvig

LGBTQ+ Tiny Shows
3rd & 4th November 2018
Omnibus Theatre, Clapham

Click here for info about how to participate

Tiny Shows is an event designed by Jenifer Toksvig and used in The Larder.

We've done Tiny Shows in The Larder @ So and So Arts, and Tiny Shows in The Larder @ Omnibus Theatre in Feb 2018

Using a self-organising method called Open Space Technology, creative folk collaborate to write, devise, improvise, direct, stage and perform tiny but perfectly formed works in response to a theme they don't receive until the day itself.

The spontaneity of the process makes this a great opportunity to take risks and experiment: try a new technique, new process, or even a new craft. We throw some spontaneous ideas at the stage and see what happens.

It's also a safe space through which to make new connections with one's work, with with oneself as an artist. We choose venues who will actively engage with the makers and their work during the process, too.

Open Space Technology

Open Space Technology is a system by which a large group of people can self-organise.

It is also used by Improbable theatre company for their Devoted & Disgruntled events.

They have some great guidelines online: click here for video, and here for a written explanation.